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The following information can be used as a resource/reference in your design efforts and your ongoing professional education. Stand out from the rest by your knowledge of the selection, siting and maintenance of landscape plants.

Winter Container info, root hardinessRoot Kill temps woody ornamentals

New Plants!: Aronia mound Buddleia Pugster Blue Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom Diervilla kodiak orange Physocarpus Tiny Wine Spirea Candy Corn Viburnum Red Baloon Viburnum Shiny Dancer

Plant Material information:

Missouri Botanical garden has a huge database of plant material. Type the plant in question in the upper right hand box on this page:

Encore Azaleas. Which varieties are the hardiest for Pennsylvania?

Penn State Extension info:

Plant Siting in the Yard:

Fertilizer and Nutrients:

Deer Resistant Plants & Repellant: